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Build a Stronger Company

Arise2 uses a structured consulting and coaching system developed by Scott called the ProfitLoop System™. It brings about holistic company success in strategy, operations, finances, and leadership.

Business Acumen

Making the right decision in various business situations.


Every business owner or founder is leading their business.

Industries Served

Service Owners

  • General Contractors

  • Trades – construction, electrician, HVAC, etc.

  • Transportation – truck broker, technology, etc.

Technology Business

  • Engineering – Software, semiconductor, and hardware, chemical.

  • Manufacturers – CNC shops, assembly, etc.

  • Commercialization – Funded companies to bring technology to market and present to investors.

Advantages of Cross-Pollination across Industries

Cross-pollination is taking ideas, insights, and problems solved from other industries and adapting them to your company. Like getting out of your bubble to leap-frogging competitors and cheaper process upgrades.
For example, the construction industry is starting to use computer-aided-design and supply-chain software along with stream-lined operations based on Lean Manufacturing. Arise2 has multi-industrial experience to get you an advantage in the marketplace.

Note: Arise2Live Coaching is most effective for businesses over $500K annual revenues

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Step Out to a Better Future

Step 1: Schedule a free coaching call.
Step 2: Discover your next best steps.
Step 3: Increase your ProfitLoop.

15 Employee Business Owner

You get me thinking in other avenues, you expand my "tunnel vision".

High Tech Founder

I wanted to thank you again for showing up at the CTO National forum and your help with the investors.


Scott R. Weaver


Scott is a recovering engineer and founder of Arise2 LLC, a business coach and management consulting agency (dba Arise2Live). Past experiences include being a computer-chip design engineer leading international teams, start-up CEO, president of a business incubator, and running his own company since 2011. In this time, he personally faced the challenges of running a business and a family at the same time. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and master in business administration and a certified business coach. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wonderful wife and family.

Also, he is the host of the Arise2Live Podcast Show.

Marcus Weaver

Make Stuff Work - Programming, IT, Web-design, video editing, etc.

Marcus likes anything about Orcas! His presence allows for greater services bringing a number of skills from web-development and graphic arts (Adobe CC) to AWS certification and programming (python, C++, Java, HTML/CSS). Marcus attended Willamette University and graduated with a degree in physics and courses in mathematics, communications, German, and physics are a bonus.

Also, he is sponsor voice for the Arise2Live podcast.

The Arise2 Mission

To bring to business owners and leaders valuable perspective and prescriptive solutions to transform productivity and profits inside company at the same time assist in personal growth as they step forward from uncertainty to confidence.

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