The SMART Goals approach is a time tested method to help you move from intentions to practical clarity and insight how to reach your purpose or destination. It is a simple structure to help you quickly focus on planning for success.


To reach your goal, it needs to be clear, detailed, and obvious. Otherwise, it's just a good intention. Write out the answers to the five "W's": Why do this?, Who is doing it?, What is to be done?, Where is it to be done? Which resources are involved?


What measures the progress of the goal? How many? How much? How fast? How will you know when the goal is reached?


Is the goal reasonable or too lofty? Is it achievable by you? If know, who else needs to help? What outside barriers need to be overcome?


Does your goal move you forward closer to your purpose or vision? Does it help other goals?


When will you finish? Can your goal be completed in a timely manner?

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